Interviewer : Then There Is A Second Copy Essay

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Interviewer: Then there is a second copy. This is for you and I don’t think they will ask for it, but just keep a copy just in case. I will put the points in, but in case they say, did you really go. So, you can have that as your evidence. I don’t know if you are left or right handed and what works best. Come the center and move the computer around. You can click anywhere on the system that is clickable, except those icons and the tabs.

We are not going to change the tabs or these. S, you can see the headings, we are going down the questions, so when we come over here, we will be moving to the tab that is going there. So, I will do that, but the rest, you can click anywhere. So, this is what is shown once you get to the Babar by Brunhoff.

Interviewee: Okay. Do you want me to read these out loud?

Interviewer: Yes.

Interviewee: In what year was an animated film version of Babar released by directors Bill Melendez and Ed Levitt? I am supposed to find it?

Interviewer: Yes. Try to figure out how to get there. So, you’re telling me now, I’m clicking on.

Interviewee: Okay, I am clicking on adaptation and then animated films. Is that, in sense where it goes? Directors Bill Melendez. Oh, in what year, 1968.

Interviewer: Okay, so, when you feel like you have completed the task, then you say I’m done and rate the easy or difficult.

Interviewee: Should I say that?

Interviewer: You don’t have to, you can comment about it, if it was easy or that easy, or I am choosing this…

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