Interview With The Video Interview Essay

2334 Words Nov 28th, 2016 10 Pages
The video interview I chose to submit is an interview with Ellen that is fifteen minutes long. I selected this video because I found it displayed multiple skills that I have learned throughout this course, as well as improvements that I can now learn from. When my client arrived for her first appointment with me, her presenting problem was stress from school. Ellen was doing her masters in university and was struggling with the amount of work as well as with the absence of supports in her life. As the interview progressed, Ellen addressed her interest in how becoming closer to her parents may help with the stress from school. The purpose of this analysis is to show what skills I have learned in class and from the readings but also to learn from the critiques my classmates and I noticed within the video. I am going to discuss the positive and negative feedback that my classmates have distinguished as well as my own feedback after watching the video. This analysis will help me understand what skills I have learned throughout this class and am able to put into practice, as well as the skills I need to work on. After reviewing the video with the class and on my own I have noticed many skills I have used, as well as skills I need to incorporate more. Throughout this video I was able to see multiple attending behaviours that I have used throughout. Ellen stated that I had a good tone of voice and matched the client’s language for this interview; nevertheless she suggested I…

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