Interview With The Interview Protocol Essay

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The majority of our efforts were spent on the interview protocol. Chung would instruct us to practice conducting interviews and report any feedback we had. Before this class, I had never conducted an interview. I was worried that was not going to have anything to offer the group due to my lack of experience. Also, I was nervous that I would slip up during an interview or freeze. I was lucky enough to have such supportive lab mates, who assured to me that I’d do fine. The first time I practiced the protocol, I was very robotic and read the script verbatim. The lab member I was practicing with told me it was fine, but I thought it was too awkward to be considered acceptable. For the next couple days I practiced with my friends so I could become acquainted with the protocol in a comfortable setting. After my second chance, I felt much more fluid with the protocol. I used the script only as a talking point, just in case I forgot to mention vital information. I was even having a conversation while I was conducting the interview. It seemed more mutual this way, as opposed to me asking continuous questions. When it was actually time to administer an interview, I had a cool head and was confident in my ability. In preparation for the interviews, a member of my lab and I led a discussion on attunement. Pryce (2012) described attunement as the interviewer’s ability to respond flexibly to verbal and nonverbal cues received from the participant. We talked on the importance of…

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