Personal Narrative: An Interview With My Aunt

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I had the pleasure of interviewing my paternal grandmother Audrey; she is the last grandparent I have left. Since I was a child, she had never wanted to be called Grandma or anything of the sort. She was too cool for that. She prefers to be called Mimi, however I sometimes slip and call her “Gram” and she thinks that is pretty cute. She has two children of her own, my father who is the oldest with two children (girls) and my Aunt Star who has two children (boys). She has resided in Chester County, Pa all of her life. Mimi is one of the smartest people I know. She is very knowledgeable about many things and very good with money. I frequently go to her for advice. She never discussed her age with me, the only thing I knew to kind of guess how old she was is to go off of when she gave birth to my father. She was a teenage mother and back in her day (1950’s) it was frowned upon, so it was rarely discussed if at all. While sitting with her this past Saturday, she actually told me that she would be 80 years old in April. I thought that she was 77 and she laughed and said “I used to be.” I love that she has such a great sense of humor. She is a widow and has …show more content…
My Aunt has offered for her to live with her family in Virginia and she has declined. We thought recently that she was seriously considering moving to an assisted living facility and she politely corrected me Saturday that she was looking into retirement communities. She has ultimately made the decision to stay in her home. While walking into her living room, I noticed a note on the floor that read “Change air filter”. I think it’s so cute how she leaves notes around the house to remember things. She’s pretty sharp so there aren’t many notes around, but she’s the type to get a little distracted sometimes. She always says “I’m not going to rush for anyone or rush to do anything, so if someone doesn’t want to wait… they can go ahead and leave

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