Interview With My Father

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My dad Cesar Uruchima, born in Ecuador and was 19 when he came to the United States of America. After marrying my mother Maria Romero, my dad planned for having children. He was 26 years old when he had his first son on December 1st, 1994. The day I was born he had his own car, his own apartment and had a decent job to provide for the family. Interviewing my dad I was happy to talk about my experience taking PSY 105 and shared moments of the past. My dad loves children, he might have not had the best childhood or a father but that did not stop my bad from giving up on his family. He explained how he always wanted to have a child. He planned to have a child after getting married and having a stable job. I asked him if life would be different …show more content…
My father expresses love more than just words but actions such as hugging. When I was, young I recall hugging my parents every morning before they headed to work and when they arrived home from work. He admits he did not have a good childhood, he relives his childhood with us. I wasn’t aware of this until I started asking questions regarding his emotions and experiences being a father.
He would take us to the park and we would kick a soccer ball, as time progress he trained me until I was able to join a soccer league. He did not let work get in a way of spending time with me. His children success is what matter the most and he did all he could to be part of his kid’s life. He even declined jobs that would pay him a lot of money but in return he wouldn’t be able to spent a lot of time with his
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One of his failures was he wasn’t as knowledgeable when it came to disciplining his child. My dad grew up fatherless and lived with his alcoholic mother throughout his life. When he was young he recalls the moments where his mother would hit him with objects worse than the belt. During the interview, he admitted that I was disciplined with the belt more than my brothers. Yet, with all the disciplining with the belt he sometimes wonders how I turnout alright. He feared I would be rebellious and leave the family. However, he stopped after going to a parent meeting at school where they had a speaker talk about discipline. I asked my day about how he responded to me when I was rebellious. He told me he would hit me if I didn’t listen as I grew older he realized it wasn’t the best thing to do so he started taking my T.V. privileges. This work effectively when my brothers were born because most of my belonging became there so whenever one of us got in trouble we all got in trouble. In a way that is how my parents prevent us from fighting with each other since we were all in the same team. It only took one person to get punished and we all get

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