Mental Status Interview Essay

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This paper focuses on the first part of my interview with JW, a 71 year old neighbor. I will report on his past and present work life, his marital status, living arrangements, his family life and his relationship with them. It also takes lists his hobbies and interests, and how he spends time during the day. During the interview I performed several assessments to evaluate JW’s independence, cognitive thinking, and nutritional status, these results are reported on. His medications and his knowledge of them are also documented. Assessment Tools
Social history (Tabolski, 2014)
JW is a pleasant 71 year old male living in my neighborhood. He worked for Conrail Railroad as an assistant vice president until they were bought out in 2000, almost 40 years; since then he has been teaching economics at a local college. JW is the eldest of three boys, his parents are deceased, he was
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JW maintains a physically active lifestyle that helps ensure his independence in his daily life. Mini-Mental Status …show more content…
He was able to complete this exam without any difficulty, and has no cognitive impairment. JW keeps his mind challenged with teaching, reading, crossword puzzles, and building projects. Fall Prevention Scale JW received a score of one on the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model (Tabolski, 2014), putting him at a low risk for falls. He had no difficulty rising from a chair, is not on anticonvulsants or benzodiazepines, he demonstrates no confusion or vertigo, he received one point for being male. It has been noted that males are more likely to die from a fall, while females suffer more non-fatal falls (World Health Organization, 2012).
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