Interview With An Older Adult Essay

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Interview with an Older Adult The purpose of this paper is to use assessment tools such as a social history, nutrition screening, Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living, Mini-Mental Status Exam, and Fall Prevention Scale. Using these tools can help determine areas for concern and areas that are adequate. After using these tools, a better idea of the patient’s health as a whole can be determined.
Assessment Tools
Social History The person I chose to interview is a 76 year old female (A.A). She worked at a business as a secretary for more than 30 years. She retired in 2000. Her family includes two daughters, one son, two grandchildren, and numerous siblings. She also has been a widow since 2008. Her three children, their spouses, and her grandkids are very involved in her life. One daughter lives a mile away and siblings live close. However, her other children and grandchildren live over an hour away. She lives alone in a single family home in a quiet neighborhood. She has no pets and does the majority of household chores by herself. She is a typical retired adult. She is not rich, but has adequate healthcare and enough money to get by. Social activities include belonging to a widows group and a church group. Hobbies include playing cards and board games, sewing, reading, and watching birds. She attends church almost every Sunday. Her mode of transportation is a car that she drives herself.
Nutrition Screening Initiative Checklist
Tabloski (2010)…

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