Interview With A Crone On Planet Earth Essays

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Interview with a crone
We are in her living room, best described as one of the coziest environments on planet earth. This isn 't your typical grandma’s house. It 's a casual mix of modern, rustic, scholar and outdoors. It is a beautiful paradox. She sits across from me in a rocker. Her white hair glimmers in the warm glow of the standing lamp. She was born in 1948 in what is now known as Meadville Medical Center. She lived on a chicken farm outside of Cochranton until age five. Then her family picked up and moved to Florida, where all of her primary and secondary schooling took place. Her name is Karen; she is my grandmother. To clarify, she’s technically my step grandmother, but I love her all the same. I chose to interview her because our relationship is newer than any of my other grandmothers, and let 's face it the lady can do forty laps in the pool in fifty minutes, she 's pretty damn cool. Does she consider herself a feminist?
As she experienced feminism, she told me it was a movement where “you had to be out there.” She also touched on her beliefs that staying at home and being a mother/homemaker was important because they shape a new generation. Because of this, she did not consider herself a feminist. When I changed her perceived definition of feminism to one of acceptance and allowance for women doing the job they chose, she decided under this new definition she was in fact a feminist.

How was/is your life shaped by being female? She quickly replied to this…

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