Essay about Interview : ' The Kitchen On A Rainy Day '

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Interview Project
Sitting in the kitchen on a rainy day while Chris Bonner sits across the kitchen island, dressed in a sweatshirt and shorts, wearing his Colorado golf cap, playing Clash of Clans on his I-pad. A forty-eight-year-old male, although claiming to be thirty-one in regard to his heart transplant a year ago appears healthy and willing to partake in this interview. Born to Kathy and William Bonner on May 25 1968. Chris grew up in Woodstock, Illinois, where his mother (from a family of educators) was a Labor and delivery nurse, while his father (who was from a family of farmers) became a food chemist/independent consultant for several well-known food corporations. The Bonner’s also had a son and daughter after Chris in 7 year increments. Chris was an active child playing sports, excelled in school and even became the youngest sky-diver while living abroad in Australia with his family during his high school years. After high school Chris attended Northern and graduated with a bachelor in science and history. Chris moved to Colorado after graduation where he spent the next twenty some years skiing, having fun, working in management for a top ski area, owning his own business, marrying his high school sweetheart, having his first child, then divorcing, getting sick with heart disease, having his second child, marrying his second wife, experienced the death of his mother, then moving across country due to illness where he lives today in Arkansas with his new heart…

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