Interview Survey : Virginia Wesleyan College Essay

997 Words Oct 26th, 2016 4 Pages
On October 24, 2016, three students from Virginia Wesleyan College involved themselves in an interview survey that focused on their study preferences and habits. There were five questions asked regarding, where they prefer to study, how do they prefer to study, how often they prefer to study, how frequently they take breaks while studying, and how focused are they while they are studying. Once the candidates responded to the five questions, there was a request for feedback regarding some positive and/or negative thoughts about the interview. The first candidate expressed how they prefer to study in a computer lab, they prefer to listen to music while they study, they prefer to sometimes study, they sometimes take breaks when they study, and how sometimes they remain focused when they study. The responder offered some feedback about the interview survey stating how they liked how short and straight to the point and how the questions were understandable to respond appropriately. On the other hand, since the interview survey was short and to the point the relationship between them and interviewer became disconnected. The second candidate produced the same responses from the first candidate expect, for this individual take breaks often while they study. Their feedback discussed how they liked how the interview a central topic about studying. However, the felt the interviewer should have defined the term studying, felt that the interview survey was too short, and a couple of the…

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