Essay about Interview Questions On Different Faiths

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For this paper I chose to interview 3 people that practice different faiths, since I do not have any specific faith in any particular religion. I interviewed one who is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, another who is an active Christian (non-denominational), and also one who believes in Hinduism. Although I did ask some specific questions, all three were very open about their beliefs, and had a lot to tell me without me having to ask too much. I first spoke with an active Christian, who stated that although he grew up in a religious household, it wasn’t until 6 years ago that he was “saved” by Jesus Christ. When I asked what being “saved” meant, he explained that it was a moment, a feeling that happened, and he “just knew”. I asked him what he thought was a common misconception about his religion and he spoke about people thinking it’s “rule-based”, meaning that to be a true Christian you have to “live by the religious law”, ie, the 10 commandments. He believes that Jesus didn’t expect people to be bound by “rules”, and that Jesus broke the confinements of religion. He defended his belief of the resurrection of Jesus by stating that over 500 people claimed to have witnessed it, and that there were “story-tellers” and “scribes” back then, and the scribes would ensure the story’s told were very accurate and detailed so the Bible was not skewed as it was passed down years after years. Next I spoke with a man who’ faith was in the Hindu religion. He started off by…

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