Interview Questions: A Short Story: Arizona State University

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Interview Questions: A Short Story
Bethany Dameron
Arizona State University Interview Questions: A Short Story A student, Bethany Dameron, must create a story around which to wrap a series of interview questions. She wishes to make this story entertaining, while still relevant. She imagines conversations with celebrities, artists, or politicians. None of these spark her interest. Then, she comes up with a fun, creative, lighthearted story, which makes her smile.
Bethany pictures a story in which she would be interviewing a teacher of hers, for example, Dr. Cristen Mann. Bethany imagines the ASU students are throwing a surprise party for ASU professors and the students want to have objects or decorations to represent each of the various teachers. Each student involved is assigned a different teacher. Bethany is assigned to make a decoration specific to Dr. Mann. Bethany decides she wishes to create a collage of random photos and clip
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Mann, but she does not want to give away the surprise. Bethany comes up with a sneaky way to get information about Dr. Mann, without giving away the surprise. She decides to tell Dr. Mann she is doing a blog article on the personalities of individuals who choose to pursue and obtain post-graduate degrees.
The student askes Dr. Mann if she would like to be interview for her blog article. Dr. Mann smiles brightly and happily agrees, always pleased to help her students. They arrange a time and location for the interview, perhaps on a Tuesday, in the LRC.
The student has cleverly crafted a number of questions to help her gain the information for the surprise photo collage, while still making it seem like it’s for her blog article. Her first question is a simple one: “What is your favorite color?” This question serves as a nice warm up question, and it also helps the student decide what color the background for the collage should

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