Interview On My Social Work Interview Essay

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My Social Work interview was with Mrs. Nicole Gales on April 7, 2016, I have learned a little more about my major and what I want to really do. First Mrs. Gales and I started off with the basic which was her educational and practice background. Mrs. Gales started by obtaining her bachelor degree in Social Work in 2003, months later she obtained her license to practice Social Work, October 2003 she started working Mississippi Division Human Service, Spring 2008 she started her master’s studies in Social Work, Summer 2010 she graduated from The University of Southern Miss, also she obtained her licenses on a master level, Mrs. Gales continued working for DHS and while at DHS she worked in the hospice and dialysis unit.

In May 2012 she left DHS and accepted a position from the Nephrology Kidney Care since then she has been with the kidney care and has been PRN with another hospice company. Currently Ms. Gales is a License Master Social Worker in Louisiana and Mississippi these are some of the certification/ specialty credentials that are held by her. One things I like about this interview was Mrs. Gales personal thought of being a social work. Mrs. Gales quotes, I am here to listen, not to work miracles. I am here to help people discover what they are feeling, not to make feelings go away. I am here to help people identify their options, not a decide for them what they should do. I am here to discuss steps with people, not to take the steps for them. I am here to help…

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