Interview Guide Essay

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Q.1: Draw up an interview guide for use in the selection of candidates for each of the following:
(1) Management Trainee (General Management)
(2) General Manager (HR & Administration)
You may use either your own organization as a reference, or any other.

What criteria would you need to look for and how would you assess the suitability of the candidates against the criteria?

Interview Guide for Management Trainee (General Management) A management trainee (general management) gathers experience by working in various departments of the company before he is assigned a suitable post. Since the job profile is not clearly specified, questions asked during the interview will be very general and not based on a
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5. High performer & Achiever: Extra Curricular activities, sports etc and performance in them.

Interview Guide for General Manager (HR and Administration)
A general manager HR is responsible for forming HR policies, identifying and analyzing rising trends in the human resource requirements, making and influencing company cultures and achieving long term company goals. The possible questions can be: 1. Why did you want to leave your present job? 2. Demonstrate that within the candidates reported for interview, you are the best candidate for this post? 3. Tell me about your last position and what three things you did made substantial impact for the organization? 4. What are key tasks for General Manager? 5. How to measure/appraise your position: General Manager? 6. What do you know about the HR policies of the company? 7. What are your strengths and weaknesses? 8. What trends do you envisage about the future trends in the resource requirements in Construction Industry? 9. Employees always want more salary and perks and company always try to work with the minimum. How to bridge the gap in the present times? 10. Structure your salary to minimize the tax liability at a given pay package. 11. How do you culturally fit in the organization? 12. How would go about making changes in policy matters like salary package, recruitment

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