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Family Interview and Genogram I chose to interview Inmaculada “Alex” DeFeo (2015). She is the source of much of the information. I based assessments on my analysis of her explained life. Detailed is given to her age and familial relations. The strength perspective used in order to highlight strengths in how overcoming or living with situations, statuses, and results of events. Individual and family patterns, concern, and influences regarding them aimed are touched upon.
Family Members Names, Ages, Relationships, and Residence
Alex is a twenty-seven year old single daughter. She resides with her mother. Ana her, fifty-seven year old, mother. Her father, sixty-one year old Sergei, lives between Argentina and Louisiana. He completed a doctoral degree at the University of Central Florida, divorced out of the family, moved away, and no mentioned contact remains. The household consists of Alex and her mother.
Elizabeth, Alex’s matriarchal eighty-one year old grandmother, previously sent assistance to them. She lives in Canada. Advances in written, audio, and visual communications led to contact peaking in 2012, but have since declined. Communications have declined since a stroke in August 2013. Family members living near Elizabeth have taken control of her caregiving and estate.
The maternal family is distantly lives in Canada and there is little contact with them. They are relatively isolated from the extended family and rely on each other. The paternal family…

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