Interview At Texas Tech Whom I Became Friends With Essay example

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I chose to interview a lady who was in a few of my classes at Texas Tech whom I became friends with. She is about to graduated from TTU in May with her Bachelors degree and is working towards her Masters degree in Education. She is a 52 year old women with 3 daughters ages 34, 26, and 18, she also started caring for her middle daughters children a year ago, which is a 7 year-old boy and a 6 year-old girl. She was married for 15 years and divorced her husband shortly after having her middle child, and then she lived with her boyfriend and had her 3rd child. They separated when the youngest was 8. From then on she raised the 3 girls on her own, then later gaining 2 grand children to care for. “Mary”(not her real name) allowed me to interview her at her job, because it was a private space were we could work during the day. She agreed to be interviewed for my parenting class, before she knew what she was getting into. But, she said she trusted that it was for a class and I wasn’t going to put her life on Facebook. I was very appreciative of Mary to allow me into her life for a brief moment, she told me all about how she was raised as a child, how she raised her three daughters, and how she is raising her daughter’s children. None of which can be easy when you are a single mom working your way through your undergraduate’s degree as well as holding a full-time job. She talked a lot about how proud she was of her daughters for graduating school and finding ‘good’ jobs out in…

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