Interview And Reflection Assignment: Innovation Architecture

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Interview and Reflection Assignment

Innovation architecture is process when a “company defines the three or four vectors of innovation along which it intends to transform its existing business model or reinvent the rules of its industry” (Skarzynski and Gibson, p. 151). Through innovation architecture, a business can use their processes to take their business to the next level. Mandy Durante is a successful business owner of the dance studio, Bricks Dance Studio, in Phoenix, AZ. She has owned the business for 10 years and before that ran several businesses with her husband and father. The vast understanding and knowledge for business that Durante holds, made her an exciting person to interview and with experience to learn from.


Effective innovation architecture is important for the success of a
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It is important to have the right employees in your business. I have learned the importance of this from Mandy Durante. She shared a few struggles with bad employees that have worked at the studio in the past and the importance of finding good people who support your goals. In order to be a successful business owner, you must have employees who constantly strive for better in their daily work. I think that the meetings that are held at Bricks Studio each Monday truly foster a culture of innovation within the organization because the staff members are looking for problems to solve throughout the week. They are not getting comfortable in their daily jobs and with the processes they are using. These employees are always striving for better, more innovative processes to provide value to their clients. This is knowledge that I will hopefully employee within my business in the future. Mandy Durante is an inspiring business owner and I hope to emulate some of the characteristics she

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