Interview Analysis : A Interview Essay

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Interview Analysis
For these interviews the subject was based around communication and each partner’s perception about each other and their relationship. For example, some of the questions asked how they describe each other’s positive qualities, how did they first meet, and how do they resolve conflict. The full list of interview questions are listed on the interview guide under the Appendix A. These couples were chosen due to their difference in relationship length, status and the ages of the partners. The first couple was chosen because the couple’s relationship is newer being in their third year. Additionally, the age difference of the partners and generally differences and similarities between the couple. The second couple was chosen for almost the exact opposite reasons. This couple has been together for 47 years, they are very similar with only some differences, and they are both seniors within 3 years of age from one another.
First Interview Overview
The first couple I know as my father-in-law and his girlfriend. I have known my father-in-law for seven years and I have known his girlfriend for 3 years. The interview was conducted at the couple’s home. We sat at their dining room table with the couple on one side and myself on the other. This interview lasted for 35 minutes. The couple talked about how their communication skills and similarities are what attribute to their positive relationship. The couple actively listens to one another and provides a safe space for…

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