Interview About The Person I Interview Essay examples

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The person I interview is a female and I have always called her my aunt even though she is not blood related to me in any way. She has been there for me more than family members. She has recently turned 60 years old. When I told her about this interview she was eager to answer any questions I was going to ask her. Life for her when she was in her 20ths were very different than how the world is today. She said back in her day there was a lot more freedom and not as many restrictions on what can and cannot be done. The society was more on family life than it is today. She uses to walk to school and not have to worry about anything. Now it is not like that. When people go out they must worry about their safety and the things that are around them.
The most historical thing she has been through and something that affected her was Hurricane Katrina. She went through having town and going somewhere safer to ride out the hurricane. She spent days living in hotels than having to leave those places when they were no longer safe to stay in. Then went she finally went back home after the hurricane pasted having to rebuild and start over from the ground up. It was difficult for her to have to throw all her belongings away. She lost a lot of things that was from her father that passed a few years before the storm.
For her family growing up it was very strict, she grew up in an old school Hispanic family. She had different challenges and different ideas than normal American families.…

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