Essay on Interview About A Special Friend Of My Family

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Originally I was going to write my Narrative Biography about a special friend of my family, but I decided to interview a person I met in Cuba. This past spring break I went to Cuba with my friends for vacation, where we stayed at my friend’s grandmother house in a town called Nueva Vedado. In this trip I met Hilda Rodríguez, one of the most strong woman I have ever met. Hilda was born on September 19, 1945 in Varadero, Cuba. Hilda was the third child of Pepe and Carmen. Hilda also has a twin or as in Cuba say an “inagua” called Helda. Although Hilda and her family had a very hard life, Hilda tried to enjoy her childhood. She always spent time in the beach since she lived in Varadero. Her big sister, Caridad taught her and twin Helda how to sew. Sewing was one of Hilda favorite hobbies, she made dresses and skirts for her sisters. While her dad was working in a bakery with her two big brothers José and Eladio, Hilda helped her mom in the kitchen. When Hilda was in high school she gave tutoring to kids, is when she realized that she wanted to be a teacher. At the age of 19, Hilda went to the University of the Havana to become a teacher. By that time Fidel Castro was in the power, one of the worst leaders of all time. Castro promised to free the people from Cuba, being different than the previous dictator, but he became himself a new one. With tears in her eyes, Hilda told me how horrible it was, how he terrorized citizens and killed millions of them. How Castro, for no…

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