Interventions For Obesity Among College Students Essay

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Interventions for Obesity among College Students

College obesity is a medical condition that affects young adolescents who are heading to college or current college students. These students struggle with balancing homework, a social life, regular exercise, and a healthy diet. On top of that young adults experience what it is like to live independently and make right or wrong decisions for themselves. It’s a lot to take in for young adults these days and most often the most important tasks to stay healthy get left by the waste side. As a result of this dramatic increase in obese college students, an increase in interventions or programs needs to take place in order for a decrease to be made. If there are not programs readily available to students who are either already obese or are well on their way to being obese, these numbers will only continue to dramatically increase. “Recent studies suggest that approximately 30-35% of college students are overweight or obese based on body mass index” (Ferrara, 2009, p. 25). This may place these students at a higher risk for multiple life-style related chronic diseases that include diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and various cardiovascular diseases. By providing programs that get college students more involved in physical activity along with promoting educational groups on diet and nutrition, college students will have a better chance at transitioning their healthy nutritional habits into long-term maintenance goals. This paper…

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