Intervention Tactics Of The Male Dominated Stem Field Essay

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Because these conditions often discourage women from pursuing a career in the male-dominated STEM field, a variety of intervention tactics have been proposed in order to decrease the gender gap. Oftentimes, the decreased quality of work is related to the low self esteem women garner due to the judgement of their peers and professors as well as the quality of work they produce when in the presence of negative stereotypes. Thus many intervention tactics focus on improving one’s ability to handle and react to stressful environments. One such approach, known as social-belonging intervention, is the use of encouraging students to view adversities as a part of their academic journey rather than issues resulting from their permanent inability to succeed in STEM fields (Walton). When faced with negative events such as not being taken seriously as an engineer or not being included in STEM opportunities, the intervention hoped to motivate students into viewing the issues only as a temporary problem. When used amongst female students pursuing careers in STEM, researchers conducted interviews and focus groups (Walton, 471) to train students to view difficulties as common in engineering, aiding them in viewing these difficulties as manageable and easy to overcome. In a variety of meetings, students were told to watch videos in which upper-termers described their experience in engineering. Both male and female students described their experience associated with their social…

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