Intertextual References In Into The Wild

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Jon Krakauer's use of his own personal experiences, intertextual references, and McCandless journal entries to piece together McCandless motive for going into the wild and therefore, defending McCandless decisions. Jon Krakauer's purpose for writing Into the Wild was to explain exactly what happened to Chris McCandless and what led Chris to go into the wild. Jon Krakauer connects himself with the subject of identity throughout the novel by comparing his personal experiences with Chris McCandless.

Throughout the novel, Jon Krakauer refers to his own personal experiences when he attempted to hike the Devils Thumb when he was McCandless age. In The Body Out There, written by Daniel Lehman, Jon Krakauer states, "I do so in the hope that my experience
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In the novel, Krakauer mentions authors such as Jack London, Mark Twain, and Herman Melville, who are all American novelists in 1800, which were mentioned by McCandless in various journal entries. Wyatt Merkley states in, Literary Amplification; Jon Krakauer's Use of Intertextual References in Into the Wild and Their Role in The McCandless Phenomenon, "Krakauer's depiction of McCandless in Into the Wild, encourages these kinds of comparisons and frequently makes intertextual references to the works of famous authors...". These authors quotes mentioned in the journal entries are said to be an insight into McCandless level of education. Many reporters insulted McCandless by referring him to a lunatic and crazy because of his decisions and his interpretation of the world. Jon Krakauer uses intertextual references to prove McCandless was an intelligent individual and how the various authors helped McCandless make his own philosophy of society which is criticized by …show more content…
Jon Krakauer connects himself with the subject, which in this case is the death of Chris McCandless, to reconnect with his identity. Jon defends Chris because of their similarities. Jon understands McCandless point of view very clearly and interpretants every decision McCandless has made and every journal entry he's written. With this, Krakauer is able to give Chris McCandless justice and prove his death wasn’t a

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