The Blind Side Movie Essay

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When asked to envision an inspirational drama in recent years, one movie comes to mind without hesitation; screening the life of an individual who followed their dreams from an under privileged lifestyle into a well known role model. It’s an inspiring movie that provides the audience with a unique image of where they themselves have a completely different outlook on life; that outlook then touches them right in the heart. This new found image and feeling, then results in the audience leaving the movie theaters, or closing the novel with tears of pure joy in their eyes. “The Blind Side” is a novel and film about one less privileged African- American teenager (Michael Ohor) is later adopted by the Tuohy family from Memphis Tennessee. The mother, Leigh Ann Tuohy spots Michael walking in the street while the family was returning home from the daughter’s volleyball game and decided to bring him home as well. Other members of the Tuohy family do not seem to warm up and accommodate to him as quickly; and the fact that Michael was not talkative didn’t make the situation any better. After Michael becomes a member of the Tuohy family, he becomes a great asset to the family and everybody then grows very fond of him. Many lessons can be learned from the book and film “The Blind Side”, this report will overview the different and unique lessons that were learned and created by the characters in this book such as, never giving up on …show more content…
Michael is from a different race than that of the Tuohy family; therefore some members of his new family, peers at school and also other individuals in the public do not interact with him in a welcoming or friendly manner. When he attends school for the first time the other students continually stare and avoid him. The students make him feel like a complete outsider, separated from everyone

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