Intersectionality Theory In Brent Staples

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The web definition for intersectionality theory is defined as he interconnected nature of social categorization such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or groups, regarded as creating overlapping and independent systems of discrimination or disadvantage. In simplistic form, notion that is constructed by mutually reinforcing vectors of race, gender, class, and sexuality. It is a useful strategy for linking the grounds of discrimination to social, economic, political and legal environment that contributes to discrimination and structures experiences of oppression. Intersectionality has three key factors, race, gender, class. There are three roles that play into these factors. The first is that we should fight all …show more content…
In Brent Staples essay, published in MS Magazines in 1986, “Just Walk on By: Black men and Public Spaces”, we see how he interaction of gender and have a major impact on not only the people he encounters, but on Mr. Staples himself. Brent Staples, when written, was a mid-twenty African American man. He demonstrates how his everyday evening bus ride and walks from work have shaped the community around him. He encountered a white, early twenties woman, who began to change how he acts. O the woman Brent was nothing more than danger. “It was clear that she thought herself the quarry of a mugger, a rapist, or worse.” His race and gender working together, sets off the negative affect of Brent. Later in the essay, you begin to feel for him and understand why he must change his people around him. “I whistle melodies from Beethoven and Vivaldi and the more popular classic composer.’ He does this to seem less of threat to men and women in his everyday life because of the intersectionality

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