Interrogation And Torture Essay

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Interrogation and Torture

In the Roman civilization torture was used mostly as a means of entertainment in the form of gladiator fights, and throughout history torture has been used as punishment by the state the senate, the public, and even the church. In the 17th and 18th century torture had its fall and that was thought to be the end of the era of harsh physical torture. However Since 2001 there has been a rise in torture.

Im sure everyone knows what an interrogation is. To some of you an interrogation looks like this (plays video).And so obviously this is how an interrogation should not be done this conversation goes absolutely nowhere and raises more questions than answers, the exact opposite of what an interrogation is supposed to
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Although it would take you several days of beating, you would eventually give in and tell me what I want to hear, But that doesn 't make it the truth.

The second problem is that human memory isn 't very reliable. If you take a group of witnesses from any major news event like A bombing or a car accident. The more witnesses you interview the larger range of stories you 'll get. This is because our memory of pasts events isnt very accurate.To make matters worse there is a large amount of scientific evidence that one way to make a persons memory even less reliable is to deprive them of sleep, or put them under immense amount of stress. Like what happens during torture.

In spite of the evidence against the effectiveness of torture around 56 percent of americans believe torture against suspected terrorists is justified. We believe it works and that 's because it does work in movies.Torture works in movies because it has it 's a dramatic device to help move the plot along. But it isn 't the fault of movies in the U.S some people insist that torture has saved lives citing two particular cases which john oliver will tell us about himself. (plays
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Other detainees who were harshly interrogated made up information, including about "the terrorist threats” which the CIA identified as its highest priority.The Senate committee has reviewed 20 of the most commonly cited examples of successes gained by the CIA from enhanced interrogation. It found each of those examples wrong.
I’m not saying we don 't need information from detainees but there is a better way to obtaining information without using torture.

Disclosure is 14 times more likely to occur early in an interrogation when a positive bond was established with the detainee. Confessions are four times more likely when interrogators strike a neutral and respectful stance. Rates of detainee disclosure is also higher when they are interrogated in comfortable physical settings. and this isn 't just theoretical. One former U.S. Army interrogator was able to break through to an Iraqi insurgent over a shared love of watching the TV show 24 on bootleg DVDs.

This isn 't the only case that an interrogator obtained information without water boarding or Rectal feeding Which is as bad as it sounds. As quoted from time

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