Interracial Relationships

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WR is an eighty-three year old male born on April 1, 1932. WR was born and raised in Panama until the age of eighteen where he joined the United States Navy. WR graduated high school in Panama and then joined the United States Navy. After fifteen years in the Navy, WR retired and became a police officer preceded to marry his wife, LR, and start a family. LR and WR have been married for over fifty years and had three children together, two sons and a daughter. He currently lives in a small, two family home with his wife and one of his son’s lives on the other side of the house to attend to WR’s and LR’s needs. WR expressed the importance of religion in his life and how praying has become a daily routine. He considers himself under
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If he could solve one problem in the world it would be racism. He continues to describe how he is concerned for one of his granddaughters because she is dating an African American and how some people in society do not approve of interracial relationships. His biggest concern is her losing the love of her life due to people disapproving of her relationship. He says how “I just want all my grandchildren to be happy and understand the importance and power of love” (WR, personal communication, November 6, 2015). The age of sixty-two, WR states would be the age he would go back too. It was a time where his grandchildren were born, he was independent, his children were getting married, and he could still work as a police officer. This was the time of his life watching two different generations begin and continue to …show more content…
Loving life and living life to the fullest were his two important points. He expressed how everyone should travel experience new things and new cultures because you will learn about yourself throughout the journey. A successful life also includes having a steady job to care for your family, a loving partner, and a healthy family. A steady job was important to WR because it meant he was able to provide for his family, paying the bills for their home, providing food for his three children, and giving his children everything they needed. A loving partner he described as a sidekick someone who would bring you up when you were down and to share memories with that would last a lifetime. A healthy family meant a happy family to WR. Dealing with illness can be depressing especially when it’s your child and seeing them in pain broke his

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