Interracial Single Parent Families

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There is no direct solution for these problems due to the fact that every interracial couple and family deal with their problems differently, which means they are more likely to find each solution that works for them. Not all solutions can work for all of us however, that does not mean that the possible solutions I provided in this section would not be accomplished.
First, the counselors should establish as many possible goals as necessary for their clients to pursue. Establishing goals help a client see what he/she can do, and is a confidence boost for them to chase higher and more difficult goals. Since not every goal can be accomplished in a short period of time, they must be willing to explain to their clients that these goals require patience
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Harris (2013) mentions that “Culturally skilled counselors and other mental health professionals are encouraged to become aware of potential changes in their perceptions of multiracial persons if they are from single-parent families.” (Harris, 2013, p. 390). Counselors are also encouraged to continue their awareness and do self-examination on them if necessary. Developing their awareness of single-parent families enables them to increase their effort to work with diverse clients. Kristen Harris (2013) mentions that in order for counselors to understand the problem single mothers have with society, they must understand the support systems they have from family dynamics and others. (Harris, 2013). Counselors should treat interracial single families just like they would with any other clients because the issue they are dealing with is the problem, not a skin …show more content…
Kays & Yarbouse (2010) points out that an open and honest communication is very important for all parties involved. For couples to accept each other, it requires both people involved to be “open, empathetic, and accepting of one another.” (Kays & Yarbouse, 2010, p. 338). The same thing goes for the counselors. It is counselors’ responsibility to maintain communication with the clients. Communication opens up everything between the clients and counselors with the possibly of understandings coming out from both sides, especially with cultural beliefs. It should also be clients’ responsibility to keep counselors updated about their situations, whether it is about cultural beliefs or any issues that are bothering them. Both parties should communicate with each other because communication can be the key to successful

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