Interracial Communication : Theory Into Practice Essay

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Everyone eventually forms a relationship or at least interacts with someone outside of their racial group. Interracial communication is the interaction of people with different race (commonly white and non-white). Many scholars consider race to be nothing more than a social construct; but what does that mean? Race was conceptualized in order to categorize the variation in human skin color and physical features, establish a hierarchy based on skin tone, and justify the positions of racial groups such as the enslavement of black people. Although it is essentially a social construct, the effects are nevertheless real; and the experiences and struggles of a particular racial group can define one’s racial identity. The first chapter of Interracial Communication: Theory into Practice (Third Edition) explores how you can promote positive racial relations, as well as discusses some key concepts when studying interracial communication.

According to the definition of interracial communication, race must be viewed as a salient or important issue by at least one person during an interaction. Why might it not be the case that both partners have to agree for it to be a part of their interaction? Race has gained traction as an existing, relevant variable before any words are exchanged in conversation. Nobody may explicitly points out the racial differences when conversing, but there is an unspoken acknowledgement of the differences. This, however, is inherent and common anytime someone…

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