Interpreting The World Through Globalization Essay

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Interpreting the World Through Globalization Think back to time when the attacks on 9/11 occurred at the world trade center. How was everyone affect around the world? What impact did globalization have on this tragic event? In order to understand globalization we have to define it. According the Global Issues, Local Arguments globalization book they define globalization as the increasing interconnectedness of all parts of the world in terms of communication, trade, business, politics, and culture. Globalization influences how we live our everyday lives. For example the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the jobs available, etc. If you were to look at the shirt you are wearing right now you would probably discover that it was made in another country such as China. There are many different views when it comes to globalization. Some people are supporters of globalization meaning that believe and focus more on the positive side of globalization. However others such as moderate critics and strong critics tend to focus more solely on the negative effects of globalization. In a noon lecture presented by Professor Thomas Shaw he talked about globalization but focused more on the negative impact of globalization. He mentioned how liberalism is an ideology about politics and economics. Liberalism recommends that in order to improve the economy you would have to reduce the government role in the economy which means spending less on social programs. His main points about…

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