Interpreter Of Maladies By Jhumpa Lahiri

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Affair and Infidelity: A Journey of Marriage
When someone becomes rootless as an exchange of a new life in a foreign country, he finds himself in a self-conflicting state, wanting something by giving up something else. In “Interpreter of Maladies”, Jhumpa Lahiri narrates a story of an Indian family in the United States whom acculturated into American life. It is very common for every immigrant in settling down a new home to struggle in isolation and different values. Lahiri sets forth the Das family in their new home in the United States and start to converge their Indian heritage into American breath.
The Das family taking a trip to India, where they meet Mr. Kapasi. As a driver who also a guide and an interpreter, he drives Mr. and Mrs.
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Das still calls Mrs. Das, Mina and Mrs. Das calls him, Raj like they are still dating each other. Their marriage becomes a routine as Mr. Kapasi’s, something emerges and kills the romance, affection or some good things that start the commitment in marriage. As the knowledge serves best, Mrs. Das involves in an affair, who knows for how long and here comes Bobby. Mr. Das may know or may not know on the affair, no telltale explicitly. However, there is a possibility, Mr. Das knows and he has an affair too. To keep the marriage intact for formality’s sake, just pretend everything is just …show more content…
Kapasi’s wishful thinking, Mrs. Das could be the affair that brings up his second puberty up to the level that competes the desire of a young stud. Mrs. Das puts that thought into an end when she refers Mr. Kapasi as the older generation as a father figure, someone who lends ears and compassion upon someone’s confession. Mrs. Das needs an outlet for her dark secret which known only to her, and now Mr. Kapasi. Maybe Mrs. Das tells the truth that no one knows about Bobby, the biological father of Bobby probably also has no knowledge that once Mrs. Das impregnated with his seed. Mrs. Das shares this intimate secret to the only person who dreams about getting romantically involved. What an

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