Interpreter Of Maadis By Lahiri M. Maladi

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Next two couples are from the namesake of Lahiri’s dazzling collection Interpreter of Maladies one of the most spacious story too who won Lahiri O. Henry Award and for Best American Short Stories. Primarily one is Mr. Das and Mrs.Das, American destined Indian couple who is on vacation in India with their three children. The Das family is guided by Mr.Kapasi,a tour guide and also an interpreter at the doctor’s office to their approach from hotel to Surya temple, Konark in Puri. Readers explore the loveless marriage of Das couple with Mr. Kapasi’s eyes. For the first instance of contending over taking little girl Tina to the bathroom to the last when Mrs. Das not joining her family for visiting temples, there are an amount
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Mr. Das‘s unawareness of the disintegrating state of their marriage, is also initiated by Mrs. Das‘s unwillingness to share her feelings of dissatisfaction and desperation with her husband. She says to Mr. Kapasi: “Don‘t you see? For eight years I haven‘t been able to express this to anybody, not to friends, certainly not to Raj. He doesn‘t even suspect it. He thinks I‘m still in love with him.” ( Interpreter of Maladies-65)
The only remedy is confession and effort to recover the conjugal bliss, but till the story come to an end everything in their relationship remain unaltered similarly as Mrs. Das’s lack of capability serve likewise boundary in the middle of the two. An alternate married couple of this presumed story is Mr. and Mrs. Kapasi, whose instance of married life can be received only through Mr. Kapasi as his better half is not actually present in the story. When Mr. Kapasi meets das couple and noticed their cold relationship he reminded of his own. Mr. Kapasi
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―While they both can be seen longing for communication with others, Mrs. Das is a woman with a life of relative comfort and ease who yearns to be freed of the responsibilities of marriage and children, and Mr. Kapasi is a man who has given up his dreams to support his family and who only yearns for some recognition and interest in his life (Brada-Williams458).When Mrs. Das unreveal her secret, all dreams of Mr.Kapasi about their future distance communication has broken.But there is one positive thing also after meeting with Das couple, Mr. Kapasi exited with more understanding about his marriage and with a hope to attempt to reconcile his relationship with his

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