Interpretation Of The Qur ' An And Its Effect On Muslim Women

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Interpretation of the Qur 'an and Its Effect On Muslim Women The changes that Muhammad brought to the world were not only religious and intellectual but also economic, social and political. When Islam was first introduced to society it represented great change; it is generally agreed that at the time Islam had improved social security, rights for women and children, slavery, and transformed society and moral orders of life. The Qur 'an also clearly states that men and women are equal beings and it was even said that Muhammad himself dealt with women as if they were equal to men. Although not all Muslims treat women as if they were the inferior sex, there are unfortunately many parts of the Muslim world where women are mistreated and more often than not, the mistreatment of women is justifiable through religion. Shariah law and groups like the Taliban and ISIS have conceivably bastardized the concept of equality between sexes. Despite the fact that the Qur 'an expresses that men and women are equal, strict interpretations of the holy text are arguably the chief contributor to the oppression of Muslim women. The original aim of the Qur 'an and Muhammad were to offer better rights and relative equality to women, children and other weaker groups and minorities. Unfortunately, many of the interpretations of the holy text, which is considered by many Muslims as the ultimate truth of God, are often not in favor of the rights for Muslim women. These interpretations that have…

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