Essay on Interpretation Of Psalm 23 By William Shakespeare

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Interpretation of Psalm 23

The metaphors of Psalm 23 are mixed within, as David 's life had ups and downs, but his spiritual beliefs remained the same. The time that David wrote the Psalm is uncertain, but it is thought that a young man could not of written so calmly, so David must of wrote the psalm in his later years. Psalm 23 follows David 's life in the form of metaphors and poetry. The psalm is divided into two parts, the first being God’s image as a shepherd, and the second as a Host. We are both the sheep in His pasture and the guests at His table. Beginning with Psalm 23’s first verse of the first half: “The lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want,” David, the writer of the psalm, talks about his early life where he was a shepherd-boy. He was taken from his quite sheep to rule over all of Israel. This psalm sings of Him who is a true shepherd and King of men. The old king reflects on his childhood occupation, and brings back the vivid memories of green pastures, flowing streams, and dark places he had to lead his flock through. Metaphors follow him traveling through hard years of warfare, battle, and sorrow, where he finds God as his guardian. Some believe that David compares himself to a weak, defenceless, and foolish creature, while God is a provider and caretaker. God himself allows himself to be compared to a figure who sets forth love and care. David knew that he belonged to god, alike to a sheep belonging to a shepherd. When David writes, “I shall not want,”…

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