Interpersonal Training Request Memo Essay

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HR Memo
Candace Brock
November 16, 2015
Diane Rodriguez


TO: Human Resources
FROM: Candace Brock
DATE: November 16, 2015
SUBJECT: Interpersonal Relationships Development training classes Request

In order to enhance and improve employee relations and communication inside our health care office I would like to request the development of training classes on interpersonal relationships. These relations and their quality play a vital role in the communication and success of our facility. Factors such as supportive and defensive climates and the way we express ourselves determine the level of service we provide. Understanding the elements of communication and the characteristics of interpersonal
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Assertive communication reduces stress, improves productivity and contributes to a healthy workforce. (Pippa Ibe)

Understanding of how to apply steps such as The Four Part Assertion message will prove to be beneficial in enhancing our interpersonal communication. By adapting to these tools and attitudes we can learn to be open, honest and genuine in our interactions. Using Behavior Description will give coworkers a factual description of the problem. A statement of a person’s feelings in response to the behavior is using a Feeling Message. Identifying consequences you are experiencing as a result of the behavior is using a Consequence Statement. Coworkers can apply Request Statement to offer a possible solution to the problem. I feel that having a good understanding of these techniques will greatly benefit our organization.

The elements of supportive and defensive climates are important in determining the effectiveness and quality of our communication inside the workplace. Understanding these elements and knowing how to apply them will have a great effect on the type of environment we establish.

I believe that educating our employees on these relations and how they affect our environment and determine the type of climate we are in would be extremely beneficial to our health care office as well as the patients whom we provide care for.

Thank you for your time

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