Negotiating Interpersonal Skills

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Interpersonal skills apply to the everyday whether in the board room or navigating a social situation. These skills are a set of abilities that allow people to work effectively and interact positively with others. Everyone can benefit from making interpersonal skills a key goal in the strategy of individual training and development. Refining these skills can be used as constructive method in which to handle disputes and other personnel issues. These skills include the areas of listening, assertiveness, negotiation, feedbacks, persuasion, interviewing and coaching. (Interpersonal Skill Definition) “Listening within a work context is the process by which you gain an understanding of the needs, demands and preferences of your stakeholders through …show more content…
The American Management Association (AMA) offers a seminar series and one of the topics they cover is how to use negotiation to further your career.
Feedback is a two way street of communication between two or more entities. To an organization feedback is essential to identifying areas that are being perceived as successful in execution and help in revealing those which are in need of improvement. “Learning how to give good feedback is a learned communication skill and one that can be achieved through thought and planning.” (Wilhelm) The Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness offers varied products, services and resources that can assist in nailing down providing supportive
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Sessions can be done in person or virtually and responses should be judged upon the content of response and the motivation behind it whenever possible. “A key skill for interviewers is to be able to build rapport swiftly and help candidates feel relaxed.” (Interviewing Skills) There is an interactive questionnaire to help master interviewing skills through the Interview Success Formula.
“Coaching teaches you to be mindful of what you say and do.” (Life Coach Hub) Inspiring others to follow the steps and path they want can be challenging and rewarding. Much like teaching, coaching offers a two role relationship of support and the discovery of knowledge. Coaching can be provided through verbal or written communication to encourage an employee to complete a task. Corporate Training Materials offers kits for trainers on coaching and mentoring.

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