Interpersonal Skills In Business Communication

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Interpersonal skills are the foundation in creating productive business relationships that function as a unit rather than floundering entities that have little to no focus on the strategy to achieve the progression towards the conclusive goal. Interpersonal skills include listening, assertiveness, negotiation, feedback, persuasion, interviewing, and coaching.
Listening is perhaps the most important skill as the others derive information from being able to comprehend other people’s situations. Rajeshm V.R. describes listening as, “How we interpret both the verbal and nonverbal messages sent by others.” A point to be made is that it’s not necessarily what the person communicating wishes to be communicated, but rather what is interpreted by
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Clearly and openly expressing view, morals, justifications, suggestions, and other banter can reduce the potential for negative responses and conflicts (Shepherd). Asserting oneself in business can be challenging when going up against opposition, which is why preparation and confidence are key factors in a quality encounter. Sometimes confidence is mistaken for assertiveness, and, in office politics, the true demonstrator is undermined by a flashy personality. Being able to assert oneself and be less aloof is a communication strategy that can certainly get the ball rolling in any environment, but is especially helpful in the business environment …show more content…
Empathy can be a strength in this skill, but it can also be a weakness as assisting others can become a crutch to them (Shepherd). Developing this interpersonal skill can create an educational environment in the workplace rather than a less personable experience. Mister Rogers said to look for the helpers in times of emergency, however I tell my daughter to be a helper when she can, when she sees another student who is unsure of doing something, I tell her to go be the friend who warms them up to the rest of the class. It seems simple, yet this can be a complex balance of being that helper, and asserting the necessity to handle personal time management and

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