Interpersonal, Group And Organizational Communication Essay

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Communication is an essential part of everyday life because it gives us the power to affect and persuade others, it helps to build and maintain effective organizations and relationships, and our societies would crumble without it. This paper will examine interpersonal, group and organizational communication as well as theories of communication.
First, let’s look some theories of communication. I will discuss four of them, psychological, social constructionist, pragmatic, and cultural studies. The psychological model is when “during the encoding and decoding of messages, the sender and receiver filter the messages through their mental sets of personal beliefs, values, attitudes, and feelings. Each message is composed and interpreted in light of the individuals past experiences. Each message has its own unique meaning.” (Trenholm, 2014 p. 24) Then there is the social constructionist model in which we “build worlds” through our communication. Now, the pragmatic model can be described as a game. Pragmatists state “when people decide to communicate, they become partners in a game that require them to make individual “moves.”” (Trenholm, 2014 p. 30) If you decide not to treat communication as a game, you will see that it is not a competition. Games are about competition; however, that is not the goal of communication. The last model that I want to cover is the cultural studies perspective. This model pays close attention to modern day technology and media as it does a good job…

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