Interpersonal Dialogues In The Night At The Opera

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The usage of deixis is prominent in conversations. Therefore the analysis of deixis occurrence will be presented in this paper on the basis of selected dialogues from the 1935 film titled The Night at The Opera.
The scene takes place in a restaurant.
Waiter: Paging Mr. Driftwood. Mr. Driftwood.
Driftwood (D): Do me a favor and stop yelling my name all over this restaurant.
The situational context of the speech act is implied by the use of spatial deixis in a form of a demonstrative pronoun this. Due to the usage of such an expression one may assume that the dialogue takes place in a restaurant where both man are present, as pronoun this indicated the close distance between the mentioned place and to the speaker. The interpersonal context of the
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Both deixis used in this dialogue represent symbolic usage of deixis. The scene takes place at the backstage of opera house. Lassppari lies on the floor.
Gottlieb (G): Signor Lassparri, what happened? Speak to me. It's Gottlieb. What is this now?
The utterance presented above exemplifies the gestural deixis as the situational context of this speech act cannot be understand without obtaining information about the situation which
Lassparri has experienced and without the reference of the demonstrative pronoun this. On the basis of temporal deixis expressed by verb happen in past tense, one may only imply that something was experienced by the addressee of utterance. When provided with visual context of the speech act one may, however, see that Lassparri lies unconsciously on the floor and that
Gottlieb by the usage of pronoun this refers to a sack falling on Lassparri’s head The temporal context is indicated by the use of time deixis now which refers to the period of time directly connected with the speech act.
The scene takes place in a hotel apartment consisting of two rooms, connected by a door and fire escape. The apartment belongs to Driftwood. A police officer is trying to catch two

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