Interpersonal Conflict Between Individuals, Interpersonal Conflicts

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Whenever there is interaction between individuals, interpersonal conflicts arise. Workplace is the most vulnerable place of such interpersonal conflicts and these are directly related to the workplace’s productivity. Conflicts are certain and their presence is not only related to decrease productivity, but they are equally responsible for the effective functionality of the organisation (Zikic et al. 2012, p. 220). Therefore it is important for leaders to recognize and constructively resolve these conflicts rather than to remove them. There are four common sources of interpersonal conflicts like personal differences, informational deficiencies, incompatible roles and environmental stress. Management of these conflicts are widely dependent upon the type, severity of interpersonal conflict, the working environment and the conflicting persons (Zikic et al. 2012, p. 212). According to Thomas and Kilmann model, mangers can resolve interpersonal conflicts in five ways (Mujtaba and McCartney, 2010). Avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising and collaborating. Each has particular strengths and weakness, and no single option is ideal for every situation. This essay will discuss the issues that occur while attempting to manage these interpersonal conflicts.
For management of conflicts it is vital to understand the source of conflict so that one can focus the resolution of conflict in that direction. When the interpersonal conflicts are due to personal difference than…

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