Interpersonal Communication: The Strengths Of The Social Exchange Theory

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Zavry Goulden
19 November 2017
Interpersonal Communication
The Social Exchange Theory Most humans cherish relationships that they build with friends, family, and peers. I think it is fair to say that not everyone views relationships in the same way though. Every single human is different. Some people give less to a relationship, and expect to be given more in return. Others may just value things such as love, and respect. It may be fair to say that relationships are not as selfless as they may seem from the outside looking in. Each person may have their own desired goals, and expectations of what they can possibly gain out of each relationship. The framework for the Social Exchange Theory started in the 1950’s and early 1960’s (“Social Exchange
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The Social Exchange Theory basically states that all people are selfish, and they are more, or less trying to find a way to benefit themselves (Social Exchange Theory: Strengths & Weaknesses, 2011). The theory may also come across as somewhat of a “Heartless, generalized method for interpreting human interaction” (Social Exchange Theory: Strengths & Weaknesses, 2011). Relationships, and all of the things that go into maintaining them, and keeping them healthy is very complex. The Social Exchange Theory makes it seem as simple as rewards, and benefits, but relationships are more than just a simple equation (Social Exchange Theory: Strengths & Weaknesses, …show more content…
There are so many different factors that go into relationships, and so many different types of people. I do think that if someone is aware, and knowledgeable about the Social Exchange Theory it can be a very effective tool in helping them, build, maintain, or potentially terminate relationships throughout their lives. The Social Exchange Theory may come across as though it can only be used to seek intimacy, it can be used in all relationships. The strengths of this theory seem to outweigh the weaknesses. It can be used as a very vital tool, not only in the development of relationships, but in the development of society as a

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