Two Main Leading Causes Of Ineffective Interpersonal Communication In Nursing

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Interpersonal communication is when individuals communicate with words but also with non-verbal communication. The concept of interpersonal communication is not about what they say but by the way, they send messages through the body. Interpersonal communication is important for nursing in the healthcare environment to understand. By applying the skills in their work, they have a better relationship with patients and a better outcome in personal life.Vertino (2014) has stated, “Use of effective interpersonal communication strategies by nurses in both personal and professional settings, may reduce stress, promote wellness, and therefore, improve the overall quality of life.” (para.1)
This essay will discuss two main leading causes of ineffective interpersonal communication in a healthcare environment. These causes include Stereotyping and lack of empathy. Also, cover the consequences of the two causes when they occur in a situation. To ensure the patient has a good outcome while at the hospital or doctors, the healthcare worker will need to use strategies to overcome communication barriers. This essay will provide examples relating to stereotyping and lack of empathy and ways to achieve effective communication with patient and nurse.
Stereotyping in a
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Strategies to overcome empathy can be very hard for many nurses but with some practice, this can help the relationship. The first way is showing interest in the patient and asking a simple question such as asking how their day today was or how they are feeling today. Montague E, Chen P, Xu J, Chewning B & Barrett B have found by acknowledging the struggles the patient is going through, this result in higher patient satisfaction and better outcomes with patients.(2013). More importantly effective communication improves patients’ emotional health, symptoms, and pain levels. (Hill,

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