Interpersonal Communication And Non Verbal Communication Essay

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As humans’, communication is the key factor in our lives. Without communication there is nothing like interactions. Sometimes when wrong messages are sent it has a negative impact on our lives. However, effective communication ensures that the correct messages are passed on well for easy understanding. We need communication not only to transfer information to one another but more importantly to relate to one another in the context of relationships, families, friends and organisations. Therefore, communication can be defined as an act of sending message to generate a meaning (Gambel & Gambel, 2008 p. 3-4). In order to use communication effectively there has to be a level of understanding. Hence, this essay will focus on interpersonal communication and its sub concepts such as non-verbal communication, teamwork and its importance in regards to communication. Body
Interpersonal communication can be defined in many ways but, most effectively it involves interaction that occurs between two or more people through verbal or non-verbal communication (Gambel & Gambel, 2012 p. 7-15). Interpersonal communication skills are vital in many careers such Health Care, Business management and Market management.These are all fields where skills such as problem solving, conflict resolution, increasing employees are put into practice. There are several components involved in the process of communication this include the sender, message, channel and receiver. The sender is the one that composes…

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