Essay about Interpersonal Comm. "Good Will Hunting"

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Good Will Hunting For this assignment I have chosen to focus on the film Good Will Hunting primarily because I have seen the movie prior to this course and I feel it is one of the best films I have gotten a chance to see. Will Hunting's profound genius was as much a burden as it was a gift. Initially seeing the film I enjoyed it but viewing the film in the scope of all that I have learned in this course made the viewing experience much more meaningful, as I now had a deeper understanding of Will's internal conficts, and how they directly effected his relationships, beliefs, and actions. The film is an excellent example of the issues involving interpersonal communication and how they play a part in either making or breaking our …show more content…
His relationship with Gerald Lambeau, Sean Maguire, His friends, and Skyla are vastly different from each other. Gerald Lambeau and Sean Maguire are both elder to Will, and initially was very guarded towards them. It seems that Will viewed these men more as old-timers than potential mentors. There are various reason for forming relationships such as proximity, similarity & complementarily, competence, and disclosure (Adler, 286). Professor Gerald Lambeau was attracted to Will for his competence, he was extremely talented. Lambeau was initially hopeful of the prospect of Will and him working together but Lambeau soon saw Will was too competent and, in his opinion, he realized that no matter what efforts he poured in to Mathematics it would pale in comparison to the brilliance Will possessed . Lambeau did a poor job in maintaining his relationship with Will. He tried to impose his values on to Will, repeatedly emphasizing the importance of getting a job at cutting edge companies, where he could cultivate his genius, a prospect that Will did not favor. Lambeau was a good guy but was unable to maintain any kind of relationship because he made everything about himself. He should have been more open to the desires Will had for his life. The relationship between Sean Maguire held much more depth than many of Will's relationships. Maguire did not buy in to Will's

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