Internship Report at Ministry of Local Government, Uganda Essay

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The system of Local Government (LG) in Uganda is established under the 1995 constitution and enacted through the Local Government Act (LGA) cap 243 Laws of Uganda 2000. Local Government Financial and Accounting Regulations, issued under the LGA, prescribe the accountability measures for compliance by LGs.
The goal of the decentralization policy is to facilitate economic growth and development by devolving powers, functions, responsibilities and resources to Local Governments (LGs) in order to promote high quality and reliable basic public services on a sustainable basis. The decentralization policy aims to:
• Transfer power, functions, responsibilities and resources
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The mandate of the Ministry is to guide, harmonize, mentor and advocate for all local governments in support of the vision of government to bring about socio-economic transformation of the country. THE OBJECTIVES OF THE ORGANIZATION.
1. To promote democracy, transparency and Accountability in all Local Governments.
2. To ensure efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.
3. To ensure that Local Governments comprehend to (compliance) with statutory requirements, National standards and Policies by Local Governments.
4. To build and improve on the capacity of local Governments by Local Government councils, necessary for efficient and effective service delivery.
Hardware maintenance
 Server maintenance
 PC maintenance.
 Printer maintenance.
 Maintenance of other network devices and accessories System analysis
 Periodic audit for information systems in terms quality and security.
 Suggestions on improvement of existing systems.
Networks and Communications Services
 Network infrastructure design and implementations.
 Implementations of IP and IPX based local and wide area networks using Cisco and 3com components such as routers, switches and WAN technologies.
 Web, Database and servers’ configuration and implementation.
 Specialized in heterogeneous network installations using Linux operating systems.
 VLAN configuration for networks performance optimization.
 Firewall configuration and security audit

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