Internship Reflection Essay

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Through the course of my internship I feel I have become more confident in my career path. I have found that unlike many of the options I have focused on in the past teaching and working with children day after day is something that I do not tire of, in fact I find myself constantly enjoying it. My worldview seems to be unchanged, the impact of my internship seems to be been a more personal one. With that in mind I am able to look at my value set once again and reassess what I found to be true about myself in the beginning of the semester. It’s not how my values changed over the course of time, but more so how my time at the internship has changed how I feel I can apply my values in this new setting. Orderliness, for example, before the internship …show more content…
In doing this I would be able to incorporate the knowledge I have acquired through my degree as well as talk about my work experience. I can only benefit by linking the two together. I also found during my time talking to the evaluator that I have a lot of strengths when talking one-on-one. It turns out I hold a nice level of eye contact and I speak in a strong and clear manner. I was not aware of the fact that I had either of these strengths before I attended the symposium; it was helpful to know I possessed such attributes. On another note, I found it quite challenging to figure out what to do with myself after I was done talking to my evaluator. I felt uncomfortable standing there at the table as she talked to the other students, seeing as I was unable to contribute to their somewhat private conversation in any meaningful why. I also thought it would be considered rude to step away and talk to others. Still overall I found this to be a helpful experience. Now I know more about my strengths and aspects to improve on for the next time I need to converse with a

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