Essay Internship Final Project : Berkshire Hathaway Guard

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Internship Final Project: Berkshire Hathaway GUARD I completed my internship at Berkshire Hathaway GUARD in the Customer service department. My position is a Customer Service Intern and my responsibilities include: completing RISC panel installs, assisting policyholders with filing new claims, answering providers’ questions about bills and general information, and helping with all other miscellaneous calls between policyholders and other GUARD employees. Not only did I gain skills in these tasks, but I also learned how to work and interact in a professional environment with coworkers and supervisors, while building relationships. With this experience I have achieved all of my learning objectives and gained a number of unanticipated skills and knowledge. My first learning objective was to be able to learn to connect with people in different social situations to better understand how to resolve conflicts. In all of my responsibilities I learned how to resolve conflict in a number of different situations and with all different types of people. One thing I notice in my experience is that being on the phone people experience see us only as a means to an end and do not treat us as people. Customer service representatives can be taken advantage of since you cannot see us face-to-face and people feel a sense of security hiding behind the mask of the technology. An example of this is when I was answering a call from a claimant looking for information on where his check from us…

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