Internship Final Paper

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Final Report on Internship Program American University of Beirut

A Comparison of Two Approaches of Handling Contacts in Rigid Multibody Dynamics


This paper is based on my work completed during an eight-week internship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My work was to contribute to a research program aimed at using new software that handles contacts in rigid multibody dynamics much faster than the traditional dynamic simulation software used. This new approach seems to be promising and the long run goals of this research program is to be able to simulate very complex models
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The Solver automatically integrates the equations of motion for a certain time step which is determined by the Solver and outputs data in the form of result sets for each time step. After the simulation is complete the result sets can be accessed by the Postprocessor and the data can be viewed in the form of plots. If geometric shells are supplied for the parts, three-dimensional animations of the simulations can be created and visually inspected as well. It should be noted that this is an extremely general description of the ADAMS program. Each step in the simulation process is customizable; measures, sensors and user-defined subroutines are only a few of the ways the program can be manipulated to increase the accuracy and fidelity of the model and simulation.


Chrono is a software that uses a different approach then that of ADAMS. Contacts in Chrono are handled using the differential inclusion approach. This approach enables to user to create a system with extremely large number of contacts between parts, thus a more complex model. Chrono uses C++ as its building language. Third party software is then needed for the Graphical User Interface (GUI). While downloading Chrono::Engine, header files on C++ are downloaded as well. They are used to declare contacts, create parts, and call for other software….
Here is a sample code written in C++ that creates 32 spheres in

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