Essay about Internet Users Login Social Media Sites

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Identity Internet users login social media sites everyday. The world has become a large global identification tag that allows the user to create and maintain online profiles that has become the most significant process in promoting your image or expanding your social network. Your username tells people who you are. It tells them what you support and sometimes, even your motives for being there. You need to figure out who you are going to be when crating your profile... The question we have to ask a user is: is the person presenting who they are or they are presenting a fictional character or representing a brand. Most people present their ideal selves versus the real self. The research suggests your “real selves” is what you are, your attributes, characteristics and your personality. Your “ideal selves” versus a real self has become more and more prevalent on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and even Linked In. From a societal standpoint, many people are driven by competition, achievement, and status created by our ideal selves. When a profile is created on a social media sites, many people consider the profile to be presentations of who we are, but the user can also edit their profiles as much as they want to share information that engages more friends to follow. Http//www. social media. The post moderns are all about identity in the age of social media where brands are always chasing the elusive…

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