Internet Speed Essay

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Nation’s Capital Leads Way for U.S. Internet Speed
There isn’t much fast about Washington DC traffic. Internet speed in DC, though? There’s much more smooth sailing than you can expect on the Capital Beltway.
A recent study of Internet speed in the United States reveals the capital as the nation’s fastest. The District of Columbia displaced Ohio as the fastest state, as reported for Q1 2016. Akamai, a content delivery network, conducted the study.
Akamai measures Internet connectivity and security. Data include states with the best access to Internet speeds of at least 10Mbps. It also examines speed in 10 countries. Its Q2 numbers were recently released. Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Utah round out the top 5 for Internet speed.
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Ping refers to the reaction time of your connection. It 'll go a long way to determine whether your mad skills are enough to win. Check ping rate on a connection through any of several online tests, such as this one.
Why the need for speed, when media-rich activity doesn’t appear to need much of it?
Homes with more than one user on many devices need more broadband strength to support it all. For a single user, there’s minimal strain on the connection. What if one user streams a movie while two more conduct a fantasy football draft in real time? And what if yet someone else hops on Facebook …
You need to find a high-speed Internet provider that can keep up.
How can I test my Internet speed?
As with sites to test ping rate, plenty of places exist to check in on Internet speed. (Google has one.) A test measures how much data can travel through your connection in a finite timeframe. It tests for download and upload.
It also measures latency, or time it takes to receive a response from the server. Latency 's measured in milliseconds. Low latency is best for gaming, videoconferencing and other high-data activity. No matter which state you live in, Internet speed matters. How much just depends on what you do

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